Samba is one of the most accessible musical art forms available to all ages and is fun and easy to understand. It’s a great gateway to music for children in all ages and levels.

Using a variety of Afro-Brazilian instruments, the samba workshop can consist of a short demonstration of the following: the Surdo (large bass drum), Caixa (snare), Tamborim (small tambourine), Ago-go bell (double headed cowbell) and various other Samba instruments used in the Rio Carnival. In just a couple of hours, depending on the age, a whole class will be playing confidently as a Samba band.

Using some simple clapping tecniques and conveying these onto the instruments, in a short space of time the workshop group comes together in a cohesive sounding percussion group. Once the foundations have been learned, a series of simple structured musical breaks and ‘call and response’ drumming will result in a finale of energetic and a satisfying feeling of achievement. This straightforward Samba workshop can be tailored to suit any age or ability and can also be structured over a longer period.

A day can consist of:

  • 2 sessions x 1,5 hours with 1 class Samba workshops with up to 25 pupils.
  • one morning and afternoon session for 1,5 hours Samba workshop divided on 2 classes.

All of the required instruments are provided and the workshops are run with energy and enthusiasm, with a guaranteed positive finish. Feel free to contact me if you want me to come and inspire and teach your group to play at a higher level of samba.

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